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A local solution to a global problem

Jul 29, 2023

The Natraplas business was borne from a belief in circular economy principles and sustainability.

The Natraplas business was borne from a belief in circular economy principles and sustainability.

In 2019 the business Founders, Renzo Petersen & Ian Smith, worked in the mining sector in Western Australia and were deeply concerned about the number of disposable plastic water bottles being used and disposed of at mine sites. They knew there had to be a better way and were inspired to start a business that could transition the industry away from single use plastic.

In 2022 Natraplas welcomed the partnership of 3 indigenous business leaders Paula White, Tammy O’Connor and Shakira Grasso. Together, we continue our mission to supply quality, eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics to majority of the mining sector.

Today, Natraplas works closely with our sister companies to not only distribute 100% compostable food packaging, but also to manufacture biopolymer, innovative products and ecological end-of-life solutions. This means we can reduce our reliance on imported products, bringing supply chain security as well as a reduced carbon footprint. In the Pilbara alone, use of our products has successfully prevented more than 2,000 tons of single-use plastic from going to landfill.

Natraplas offers a broad range of compostable single use and reusable biopolymer items, as well as organic based items such as paper, sugarcane bagasse and aluminium cups to retail and wholesale markets. Compostable items such as bottles, cups, cutlery, bin liners and pallet wrap are created using a unique, compostable biopolymer. The biopolymer is made from organic waste, diverting organic waste from landfill and reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

Renzo Petersen - Co-Founder, Managing Director, Chief Executive / Natraplas

We currently provide a broad range of compostable items, including:

• Bottles and caps

• Bowls

• Plates

• Cups

• Cutlery

• Containers

• Bin Liners

• Cling wrap

• Pallet wrap

Unlike a lot of 'green-washed' competing products on the market, our products have passed rigorous independent testing and are fully certified.

Renzo’s vision is to not only supply the most ecologically sustainable packaging, but also to offer a range of eco-friendly end of life solutions for all the products he supplies:

“Minimising waste and protecting our environment is important to all West Australians and we are doing our part to move towards a more sustainable, low-waste, circular economy. Our key point of difference is the provision of a closed loop system, including organic waste disposal, as we offer a Transportable Containerised Digester Unit, a next generation anaerobic digestion composting solution that also generates green energy.”

The installation of a digester unit for onsite waste processing negates expensive waste haulage and dumping disposal fees, as well as helping businesses improve ESG reporting objectives by diverting landfill, reducing the production the greenhouse gas emissions and converting waste to compost and green energy.

Projections show that in one year, at one remote mine site alone, over 72,000 kilograms of waste could be diverted from landfill. Each tonne of this waste could be processed to generate electricity that could be used to power the kitchen, pumps and light electric vehicles.

This closed loop system was initially designed to address waste challenges at remote mine sites; however, Natraplas now has interest from large scale catering operations, food and beverage manufacturers and primary producers.

The simple, aesthetically pleasing appearance and no-odour design features of the digester unit also mean that market opportunities also exist for any locations with large scale catering facilities, such as hospitals, aged care facilities, airlines, prisons and food service precincts.

Renzo Petersen presenting Australia's first compostable pallet wrapping to Sam Lim MP and Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

Future Plans for Natraplas include:

-Partnering with food and beverage manufacturers to create bespoke compostable packaging solutions, including a 100% home compostable milk bottles and juice bottles.

-Partnering with indigenous charities to produce compostable coffee cups with Aboriginal artwork

-Expanding our supply of compostable, plant-based biopolymer pallet wrapping so that more customers can reduce their use of non-recyclable plastic pallet wrap waste

The business is now growing to meet increasing demand, and planning is underway for Western Australia’s first biorefinery, to increase local production of biopolymer and green energy from agricultural and food waste residues.

For more information contact: [email protected]