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Easy Antipasto Skewers

Jun 15, 2023


Make a day ahead or just before your gathering — these antipasto skewers are a crowd favorite. They make for a beautiful presentation, and they are easy and fun to assemble!

July 2, 2023

We recently had dinner catered by Tinwings, in Nashville, TN. For appetizers, they brought antipasto skewers and everyone loved them. Today’s recipe was inspired by this tasty treat and the crowd (meaning the StyleBlueprint Team’s) reaction.

Yes, you can scoop some hummus onto a cake stand, and top it with some ingredients and please a crowd. But, if you are thinking charcuterie board, but questioning that decision, antipasto skewers are a good next thought.

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Personally, I’m a little over the tightly packed charcuterie boards that make for a great Instagram post, but are really hard to navigate in real time. Salami flowers are pretty, but how does one pull a slice out of that tightly rolled configuration? Sometimes, the amount of hands I see all over those boards make me decide not to partake. Anyone else?

With skewers, you still use your hands, but you pick up your individualized portion, place it on a plate, and walk away. So much easier!

These are made with a grouping of ingredients that you can change to your liking. Prefer not to have olives? Then … don’t use olives. Vegetarian? Don’t use salami. Gluten-free? Ixnay the tortellini.

You can make these right before they are needed, or a a day in advance. Better yet, for occasions with many hands wanting to help, place bowls of ingredients down on a table and have a few people tackle these. These are easy to make while talking and catching up.

And, per usual, I had all my groceries delivered via Kroger’s Boost Membership, where I get free delivery in as little as two hours, and I get 2x fuel points! Kroger sponsors our recipes, but I use their house brand products and delivery services because they work.

Note how all skewers are not the same. Some have red tomatoes, some have yellow. Some have salami, some don’t. Some fit more than others, which is the nature of the bamboo picks. Also, notice how the blue cheese stuffed olives, salami, and mozzarella balls are cut in half. And, the picked okra, marinated artichokes, and roasted peppers are all cut into smaller pieces.

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When you are spearing the ingredients, some may fall off. It’s okay, just keep going. So you dropped a tortellini – all the more room for a bigger tomato!

Things to keep in mind:

These antipasto skewers are so yummy and truly a crowd pleaser!

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As CEO of StyleBlueprint, Liza also regularly writes for SB. Most of her writing is now found in the recipe archives as cooking is her stress relief!

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