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Good Housekeeping's 2023 Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards

Nov 27, 2023

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

After months of testing by our experts, here are the best cleaning and organizing products for all around the house!

GH’s Cleaning Lab pros and a brigade of almost 250 consumers spent more than four months testing the newest, most innovative cleaners, appliances and organizers. We steamed, scrubbed and sorted our way through over 1,000 product samples to find the ones that we’d use in our homes and recommend you use in yours.

We evaluated each one for performance, ease of use, innovation, responsible labeling, safety and more. Try these keep-tidy stars stat!

Ever wish you had spray cleaner handy when sopping up a spill? With Simplehuman’s paper towel holder, you do. A pop-out center pump holds six ounces of liquid cleaner so you can spritz, wipe, and move on. It comes in four finishes — brushed stainless, matte black, white, and bronze.

LAB RESULTS: Simplehuman nailed this one. The holder is sleek, sheets tear off neatly, and the cleaner stays nearby but out of sight. A GH Test Kitchen staffer gave it high praise for innovation.

Kitchen surfaces can be grimy and you often need strong and strong-smelling cleaners to tackle the gunk. This clear plant-based formula from Nuvera is kind to you, your home, and the planet but doesn’t skimp on performance.

LAB RESULTS: We were blown away by how well Nuvera cut grease on a sticky range hood with no need for scrubbing, and it smelled great while doing it. It even removed splatters from the hood's lightbulb with ease. A tester raved, “I loved this!”

Dish sprays are a convenient way to tackle baked-on messes, and this new formula from Seventh Generation isn’t thin and runny like some others we've tested. It’s a 79% USDA Biobased product that is EPA Safer Choice certified, and it comes in two fruity scents: Honeycrisp Apple and Mandarin Orange.

LAB RESULTS: The thick foam clung well, even to the sloped sides of our charred skillet, and burger grease could be wiped away without scrubbing. Seventh Generation does dishes well.

History is repeating itself, but we’re fine with that. Cascade is undeniably the best dishwasher detergent we have ever tested, and these new Platinum Plus packs are the best Cascade yet.

LAB RESULTS: Nothing we dished out stumped this Cascade. More enzymes and grease-cutters boost cleaning and help items dry better. Say goodbye to the little pools of water in the bottom of your cups and glasses. Take it from one tester who said, “Even after the messiest meal, it cleaned every last speck."

Giving up counter space to a dish rack that stays empty much of the time makes your kitchen look more — not less — cluttered. Brabantia's version works hard when you need it and folds for storage when you don't. It comes in a smaller size and a lighter gray color too.

LAB RESULTS: We loaded it up with dishes, wine glasses, silverware, and more. All fit securely, and its sturdy frame and padded trim kept fragile items from toppling.

Cleaning up kitchen messes shouldn’t make bigger ones. That’s why we’re recognizing Dawn EZ-Squeeze again this year for upending the typical dish soap container. Its no-drip valve and bottle that is squeezable even with one hand puts those slippery, drippy dish liquids to shame. And it helps countertops and cabinets stay cleaner too.

LAB RESULTS: GH Seal Star Dawn continues to set the standard for grease-cutting performance and long-lasting suds in our Lab and in consumer tests. And not a drop escaped through the secure valve on this bottle.

We can't believe it either, but Bounty's gotten even better. Its new microstructure now makes it stronger, more absorbent, more flexible, and more cloth-like than ever. Even the messiest cleaning jobs aren't too much for it to handle.

LAB RESULTS: We could tell as soon as we felt one sheet that something was different. The new Bounty is strong when wet too, so chores like washing a window and scrubbing a carpet stain that can tear regular paper towels to shreds are no match for Bounty. We even found ourselves reusing sheets, so we ultimately used less.

Method is not new to the idea of refillable cleaning products, but this new spray cleaner kicks that concept up a notch. It uses concentrated formulas that you mix with water in a stunning reusable aluminum spray bottle. The starter kit contains a 14-ounce spray bottle and two 1-ounce glass bottles of concentrate. Simply fill, swirl, and spray. It comes in the lovely scents of Pink Grapefruit and French Lavender.

LAB RESULTS: There's a lot to love about this new Method cleaner. Not only is the ombré bottle pretty to look at, but it's lightweight and comfortable to hold and use. And when it comes to cleaning, it's a winner too. It dissolved our greasy messes more quickly than others in our test and without leaving any residue that required extra rinsing or buffing to remove. And consumer testers agreed, exclaiming, "Big fan!" "I loved the scent" and "It wasn't streaky!"

You may be recycling plastic, glass, and cans, but if your food scraps are going into the trash, there's more you can do. Mill is an innovative food recycling service that includes a bin — about the size of a kitchen trash can — that takes food scraps and turns them into dry grounds that can then be turned into food for chickens. Simply toss in small bones, fruit and vegetable skins, eggshells, plate scraps, and more and the Mill grinds it all into a fine, dry, odorless meal. After a few weeks when the bin is full, all you do is pour the grounds into a supplied pre-paid box and schedule a USPS pick up in the app. It goes back to the company to be processed and then to a chicken farm. The rental fee for the bin is $45 per month (or $33 per month if paid annually) and includes return shipment of the grounds, service, impact tracking and replacement parts.

LAB RESULTS: We were smitten from the very first banana peel. The Mill is quiet and remarkably odor-free considering everything we tossed in, and it holds a lot. We think it's easy to use, sleekly designed, and a truly innovative approach to managing food waste.

Good things do come in small packages. Skura Style's microfiber wipes are the perfect size for when cleaning with a big towel or cloth is too cumbersome. Use them for blotting splatters off the bathroom mirror, cleaning around stovetop burners, wiping muddy paws, and more. Plus, they are so soft and absorbent, they could pass for face towels or hand towels.

LAB RESULTS: We like the idea of a washable and reusable cloth you don't mind tossing when it gets too dirty to clean and reuse. With Wipe Envy's dispenser-style box of 10, a clean cloth is always at hand. Keep a box in the car for unexpected spills. In our tests, they cleaned without streaking or leaving lint and washed well. One tester proclaimed, "I love this product!"

Not only does L’Avant Collective’s dish soap smell amazing, but the elegant glass bottle could pass for fancy hand lotion by your sink. It's so pretty and its box is so gift-able, any hostess would love to receive it!

LAB RESULTS: Great grease-cutting and thick, silky, lasting suds made this a cleaning champ too. Doing dishes never felt more luxurious.

Caldrea does it again — this time with its Vanilla Quince Santal Countertop Spray. The spicy scent is perfect for the kitchen, and it comes in hand soap, dish soap, and more. Enjoy its warm notes of cardamom and birch bark.

LAB RESULTS: Safe for multiple surfaces, Caldrea cleans quickly without extra rinsing or buffing and leaves a subtle but lingering scent behind to enjoy.

Cooking odors are stubborn and candles aren’t usually a speedy solution, but Diptyque’s La Droguerie Odor Eliminating candle — with notes of basil and mint — nixed strong odors fast.

LAB RESULTS: Even the scent of fried bacon was no match for this candle. It went to work as soon as we lit it and it burned evenly and safely. We were impressed with how well it removed odors even after a short burn, so the candle lasts a long time.

In our GH Cleaning Lab tests, Tide is synonymous with top-notch cleaning and these Power Pods with Febreze Odor Eliminators Sport didn’t disappoint. With 50% more cleaning ingredients than liquid Tide, they tackle sweat odors too.

LAB RESULTS: Our set-in spaghetti sauce, chocolate syrup, and coffee stains were history. A tester said, “It removes bad odors way better than what I was using."

Vinegar helps remove residues in fabrics, but smells, well, vinegary. And stripping linens in the bathtub is just too much work. Downy’s new Rinse & Refresh uses gentle citric acid to remove build-up and odors and restore softness during the wash cycle. It comes in two fresh scents: Cool Cotton and Fresh Lavender.

LAB RESULTS: We were amazed at how soft and fresh towels emerged after just one wash with this Downy. Pour it into your machine’s fabric softener dispenser or add it to the rinse cycle and let it go to work.

Quilters and crafters, rejoice! If you iron yards of fabric, tablecloths, or drapes, you know the frustrations of ironing on a narrow board and fighting with the tapered end. Reliable’s Longboard rises to the challenge. It’s rectangular, sturdy and has a wide cushioned top for smooth results.

LAB RESULTS: The Reliable was easy to set up and adjust. We liked the heat-safe zone to rest the iron and the removable side pouch for notions.

How a detergent smells and the scent it imparts on fabrics can make or break it. Clothing laundered in Persil’s ProClean Intense Fresh Discs smells great out of the dryer and after being stored for months.

LAB RESULTS: We got great cleaning from this GH Seal star especially on tough stains like, chocolate and mustard, and testers agreed, it left clothes smelling clean and fresh.

A 99% USDA Certified Biobased Product, Beyond is a responsible swap for regular dryer sheets. The softening agents are plant-based and the non-woven sheet is made from renewable fibers.

LAB RESULTS: We got impressive softening and static control without the waxy feel of traditional sheets. A tester told us, “They worked even better than my usual dryer sheets.”

Safe for most colors and fabrics, oxygen bleach removes stains, whitens and brightens, and is great to have on hand. You can add it to the washer or use it as a pretreater or presoak, though pouring some from a box can be messy. Aspen Clean’s comes in a plastic-free, 100% recycled paper canister with a metal lid and cute wooden scoop to neatly measure out just what you need for a medium load.

LAB RESULTS: As a pre-treater, it beat others in our stain removal test, especially on ink, coffee, and mustard. We loved how the packaging stayed tightly closed to prevent spills.

Not a fan of fabric softener? Many can leave fabrics feeling waxy and coated. Not so with Ensueno Max. Plus, it’s plant-based formula uses essential oils to deliver and release scent even weeks after washing. It helps retain colors too.

LAB RESULTS: Our Cleaning Lab lead loved how it softened without leaving items feeling slippery. Another GH tester said she liked how it reduced static and she would definitely continue using it.

Refills that cut down on single-use plastic waste are a popular sustainable concept in some categories, like all-purpose cleaners and even dish soaps, but not so much in laundry. Clean Cult has changed all that. It uses recyclable paper-based milk-like cartons to hold 32 ounces of laundry detergent, enough for 64 loads in a high-efficiency machine. All you do is pour it into the reusable glass bottle that has a spout and dosage markings in the cap. Clean Cult detergent comes in two scents or there's an unscented version.

LAB RESULTS: Clean Cult was among the top performers in our stain testing, beating more well-established brands on chocolate syrup, coffee, and ink stains. A consumer tester found it gentle and effective and praised it that a little went a long way.

Wash, transfer the load, dry, repeat. If this routine sounds familiar, GE’s innovative new washer and dryer combo could just change the way you do laundry. Instead of spending an entire day on the chore, put in a load when you have time, then set it and forget it.

LAB RESULTS: The washer was a great cleaner, and the ventless dryer with heat pump technology was efficient and gentle. A normal wash-and-dry cycle took about two hours. It was easy to use, its app was helpful, and it occupies about the same space as one regular machine. We’ll take two!

Forget what you knew about loading the dishwasher. This new Bosch lets you select a light, medium, or heavy wash in each quadrant of the lower rack. So now you can place items where they fit best and still get safe, effective cleaning. Step aside, stockpot — the glasses are coming down!

LAB RESULTS: This dishwasher looks, loads, cleans, and dries like a dream and has great capacity. After filling it with our standard test load, we were able to fit in six extra bowls and eight extra glasses without even needing to use the upper-tier tray. All we can say is that we’re in love!

Laundering items covered in pet hair can present a clog risk, but with Maytag’s new washer, that's not a concern. With its Pet Pro cycle, water and agitation loosen hair and capture it in a filter located in the center agitator that you can remove and clean.

LAB RESULTS: This washer is an effective and gentle cleaner, and with its 4.7-cubic-foot tub, it holds big loads. Plus, the Pet Pro erased every bit of hair we spread onto our test sweaters. Amazing!

Removing pet hair before you wash adds a tedious but necessary step to your laundry routine. Speed Queen's DR7 dryer comes to the rescue with a unique 10-minute cycle that adds a bit of steam to zap the static that causes pet hair to cling to fabrics.

LAB RESULTS: It was a top-notch dryer in our tests, and a dog-owning tester was thrilled to be able to dry pet items on a dedicated cycle and not have to brush fuzz from dry fabrics by hand.

Part iron, part steamer, the Steamery smoothes fabrics — even deeply creased ones ­— right on the hanger. Adios, iron!

LAB RESULTS: Stylish and simple to use, we were amazed that we could hold the Steamery right up against our test fabrics and it pressed wrinkles fast and without so much as a drip.

Conair steamers are wrinkle-removing champs. This model does more. Its head pivots to three positions to steam at an angle or tuck neatly into a suitcase.

LAB RESULTS: Easy to use, it heated up in seconds, smoothed even linen, has dual voltage, and includes a folding hanger. What more could you need?

It’s no secret that getting to a spill quickly keeps it from becoming a stain. Kenmore’s portable cleaner is ready to tackle spills and stains on carpet and upholstery fast.

LAB RESULTS: Its big tanks mean less refilling and emptying, and a six-foot hose and wide tool make cleaning large items like sofas easy. It nixed an old, dried chocolate stain on the carpet pronto!

A dependable upright vacuum is an invaluable cleaning tool — until the brush roll gets clogged with hair and you have to stop to snip it off. Hoover’s new WindTunnel puts an end to that task.

LAB RESULTS: It gobbled up all the long hair and thread we could throw at it. It is maneuverable and has great reach, a HEPA filter, a large easy-to-clean dust bin, and more. Ain't no stopping it now!

Miele vacuums stand out in GH tests for how well they pick up dirt and keep it in the vacuum, unlike some others. This versatile canister has adjustable suction and attachments for cleaning every nook and cranny. Dust bunnies, beware!

LAB RESULTS: We can’t say enough good things about it. It's lightweight and easy to carry, moves smoothly and comes with nozzles for cleaning both bare floors and carpets. Plus, we like its telescoping wand and special pet-hair tool for sofas and stairs. Combine that with the odor-absorbing filter and allergen-trapping dust bag and you won't even know there's a pet in the house!

Cordless vacuums are fast becoming the go-tos for whole-home cleaning, and Samsung’s new Bespoke model sets the bar high. Sensors and artificial intelligence select the best power mode, it self-empties, and more.

LAB RESULTS: Samsung stood out for its cleaning prowess, ease of use and style. It ran for well over an hour and emptied its dust cup so well that our hands never got dirty. And, we love that this new model closes the dust cup door on its own when it's done emptying. Smart!

Robots are getting so smart. Dreametech’s L10s Ultra dry vacuums, wet mops, empties, and cleans itself and even identifies and skirts objects in its path. With help like this, who needs a housekeeper?

LAB RESULTS: The Dreamebot sailed through our obstacle course, and with the easy-to-use app you can help it do more. Its base is more stylish than others we’ve seen and tested. A reviewer said, “Its effectiveness was impressive!"

Move over mop and bucket, there’s a new Swiffer in town. This one uses a disposable pad with over 300 absorbent scrub strips to clean floors deeply and quickly.

LAB RESULTS: Like other Swiffer mops, the PowerMop is battery operated and works with a its own cleaner. Super convenient and easy to maneuver, it cleaned our test floors fast, even the grout.

We've never tested a "steam" cleaner that made real steam—until now. Bissell’s HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner uses steam to treat stains and clean, and its quick-dry mode helps carpets dry fast.

LAB RESULTS: We steamed out mustard and wine stains and we give the Bissell a thumbs-up for how easy it is to use, maneuver and maintain. And its large tank provides lots of cleaning before it needs refilling.

Sometimes simpler is better. That's what we thought when we tested this easy-to-use and powerful little handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil. It's all you need for quick pick-ups and because it stands upright in it's charging caddy (that also has a spot to stash its brush tool) storage is simple too.

LAB RESULTS: We were wowed by the power and portability of this mighty mini vacuum that weighed in at just over one pound. It has one speed and ran for almost 10 minutes on a single charge so it's perfect for gobbling up dry spills quickly and easily without having to go through the trouble of pulling apart your stick vacuum. One tester raved, "I loved this for easy clean-up in the kitchen while cooking!".

A bare floor brush is a necessary attachment on a vacuum cleaner, but it can be a little rigid. You have to maneuver it into corners and around obstacles and forget about trying to fit it into narrow spaces. Hoogoo's Flip Flop Vacuum Nozzle is like nothing we've ever seen. It's extra wide and each side flexes 180 degrees to better hug walls, fit into corners, and clean tight spaces.

LAB RESULTS: We were impressed with how closely we were able to clean along walls, how it flexes around furniture legs without damaging them and how much ground we could cover quickly. It includes an adaptor to fit canister and stick vacuums with wand diameters of 1.25 inches and 1.37 inches. Adaptors for other size wands are sold separately. It fit most of the vacuums we tested it on. So cool!

Cleaning your carpet is messy enough without having to lug around a heavy jug of cleaner, measure it, and neatly pour it into your machine's water tank without spilling. Hoover's Oxy Stain Removal Packs simplify the process. Each pack contains surfactants and a color-safe bleach to clean and remove carpet stains. Simply fold and drop one or two packs into the tank, fill it with hot water and go. Storing them is easy too.

LAB RESULTS: We like this new convenient form of carpet cleaner and applaud Hoover for putting it in a child-resistant package. In our test, the packs dissolved quickly, cleaned well and even erased a mustard stain.

We put Mr. Clean Clean Freak in the bathroom category because it tackles soap scum and stains on fixtures, glass, and chrome — but don’t stop there. Use it in the kitchen, outdoors, and all around the house.

LAB RESULTS: This GH Seal Star is the most convenient, effective, and versatile multipurpose cleaner we have ever tested. It cuts through soil quickly, isn’t runny, and wipes away easily without the need for extra rinsing or buffing. The lavender scent is EPA Safer Choice certified too. We think Mr. Clean is a rock star!

There’s nothing like a little product that makes a big impact. That’s exactly what Oxo’s Good Grips Hair Catch Drain Protector does. The two-piece strainer fits snugly into 1.25- to 1.8-inch tub and shower drains to trap hair and help prevent clogs.

LAB RESULTS: Made of high-quality silicone and stainless steel, in our tests, it caught a lot, kept water flowing, and was easy to rinse clean. A tester also loved it for her bathroom sink to keep rings and earrings from going down the drain.

If you’ve ever repurposed a dish wand as a bathroom scrubber, you were on to something. This hack inspired Scotch-Brite to create a super-size version, the Swift Scrub Tub & Shower Wand. Fill it with your preferred cleaner and use the scrub sponge to clean walls, tubs, shelves, glass, and more. The head is replaceable too.

LAB RESULTS: We love a simple idea that really works, and this one does. In our tests, cleaner dispensed neatly without drips and the scrubber easily eradicated soap scum from a tub.

After testing EC30’s alternative laundry detergent swatches, we were excited to try its toilet pouches. They turned out to be an equally innovative plastic-free alternative to traditional toilet bowl cleaners. Drop a pouch into the bowl, let it foam, brush, flush, and done!

LAB RESULTS: We’re sold! Neat and easy to use and store, the pouches were more effective than any other new toilet cleaning tools we tested, and there are no plastic bottles to dispose of.

Eliminating bathroom odors is usually an afterthought, but not for LooLoo. Ready to go when you are, LooLoo hangs on the outside of the bowl and spritzes an essential-oil freshener onto the water when you sit down. A built-in night-light helps with evening trips to the potty.

LAB RESULTS: LooLoo got rave reviews from Lab and consumer testers. It was easy to set up and swap in a new scent cartridge — and sanitary too.

Fabrics harbor germs, and those we don’t — or can’t — wash often are big offenders. Think couches, pet beds, and plush toys. Clorox’s Free & Clear Disinfecting Mist works on soft (and hard) surfaces in as little as two minutes.

LAB results: Kudos to this EPA-registered spray for all it does without imparting scent or the need to rinse.

In the past few years we’ve learned a lot about killing germs on surfaces, but what about those in the air? Lysol’s new EPA- registered spray kills airborne bacteria and viruses while eliminating odors.

LAB results: The fine mist disperses well, and we like the extra protection it pro-vides. A tester praised it for giving her peace of mind.

Sure you can clean, but just touch the surface and bacteria is back. You can't see it, but it's there. Microban 24 Hour, when sprayed on clean hard surfaces and allowed to air-dry, kills bacteria for up to 24 hours even after touches.

LAB results: We like the idea of handles, doorknobs, and more staying sanitized longer. It’s EPA-registered and a GH Seal star.

Wouldn’t it be great to have warm or hot water outside to clean patio furniture and even wash pets? Now, you can. Rheem’s Hot Wave sprayer attaches to a garden hose and plugs into an outlet to raise your spigot’s water temperature as much as 49˚F, depending on your locale. The water pressure and spray pattern are adjustable too.

LAB RESULTS: We think this is ingenious and a real plus for outdoor cleaning. It worked well for us, and a tester’s neighbor now comes to use it weekly to wash his dog!

Spiffing up a car takes time and elbow grease, but Turtle Wax’s new Minute Wax mist formula makes the job easier. Spray it on a wet or dry car and buff, then rinse and dry for a durable, water-repellent, UV-resistant finish.

LAB RESULTS: Wax, sealant, and ceramic provide the protection. One tester bragged, “It made my car look as shiny as when it was new.”

Washing windows is messy. Sprays drip, and paper towels leave lint and streaks. E-Cloth has licked those issues with its window kit, which cleans with just water. Dampen the waffle cloth to remove dirt and grime and use the polishing cloth to zap streaks.

LAB RESULTS: We liked the neat one-two approach of this kit. It works fast and well and is perfect for car windows and glass patio and deck tables and doors too.

Sweeping a porch or patio can be tiresome and a traditional leaf blower is cumbersome and heavy. Enter the ZoomBroom, a lightweight, rechargeable, easy-to-use blower that makes quick work of clearing away leaves and other debris.

LAB RESULTS: We think ZoomBroom is brilliant! It has two speeds and runs for about 30 minutes, and at two pounds it is well balanced and comfortable to hold.

Still the most innovative grill cleaning tool we’ve tested, the Q-Swiper, cleans grates with a premoistened disposable wipe wrapped around a sturdy scrubbing pad. A metal scraper helps nudge off stuck-on bits.

LAB RESULTS: A safer alternative to wire brushes, the Q-Swiper dissolved grease and burned on barbecue sauce and was easy to use. We like the idea of using a fresh wipe every time instead of cleaning with a dirty grill brush.

Stains don’t only happen indoors which is why we were excited to see this new grease remover from outdoor expert Sunbrella. The spray goes on wet and dries to a white powder that you vacuum or brush off. It’s great for chair cushions, rugs, and more.

LAB RESULTS: Sunbrella zaps oily stains, but it also lifted coffee, chocolate, and more. Even an old barbecue stain that had been through the dryer was history. Wow!

Pet mishaps leave behind both stains and odors. And when odors linger, pets return to the scene of the crime. Lively’s Pet formula uses probiotics to remove dirt and odor-causing “bad” bacteria from surfaces for up to three days.

LAB RESULTS: A parent of a pet and a toddler gushed, “It was amazing, taking stains and odors right out without a lot of scrubbing.” And it did a great job on our stain removal tests too.

Air purifiers are a must for clean indoor air, but many won’t win any decor awards. Dupray’s Bloom Air purifier is hardworking and good-looking. It doubles as a plant stand, and for a bit extra, you can select from 12 colors or add an accent table top.

LAB RESULTS: Test data confirmed that Bloom’s HEPA filter captures microscopic particles. And it can purify areas up to 1,517 square feet per hour. One tester in a new apartment loved how well it worked, how easy it was to set up, and the warmth it added to the room.

GH Seal Star Febreze is synonymous with odor removal, and for its new Air Mist it took a good thing and made it better. A new sprayer emits a finer mist to linger longer in the air, settle less on floors and furnishings, and remove odors better.

LAB RESULTS: Febreze not only zapped cooking odors fast but also kept them away. The scent was lovely and long-lasting but not overpowering. We like how well the fine mist gets dispersed.

Tightly sealed, stackable see-through containers are what pantry dreams are made of. Rubbermaid’s set scores on all counts.

LAB RESULTS: A fave of our Kitchen Appliances Lab for keeping foods fresh, these locking lids are easy to open and close. This set is durable, dishwasher-safe, and display-worthy. A tester said she liked them better than her other containers.

The only thing that utilizes space better than a single turntable is a double one. Copco’s Two-Tier model has so many neat features, like high sides and removable trays, that its uses are endless.

LAB RESULTS: This spinner turned smoothly and items stayed secure. Take off top sections to make room for tall items below. “Held quite a bit!” one tester raved.

Zip-top bags are handy for sandwiches, snacks, and freezer storage, but having many sizes can lead to a mountain of open boxes. YouCopia came up with a neat solution: Tuck the bags, without the boxes, into the dispenser’s sections so they stay orderly and easy to grab.

LAB RESULTS: We liked this caddy’s capacity (it holds a full box of each of four sizes) and that it is easy to load and lays flat in a drawer or stands vertically in a cabinet.

Your refrigerator is a busy spot, and that can be a recipe for organizational disaster. Oxo’s well-made, clear Refrigerator Organization Set can restore order.

LAB RESULTS: We used this sturdy array of bins, trays, and a beverage mat to sort and separate items and make them easier to find. They worked in all the fridges we tested, and the hefty handles were easy to grab. Extra pieces, shelf drawers, and a riser can be purchased separately.

Who says one shelf and a rod is all a closet needs? This kit from Modular Closets includes three sections that can be be hung together or separately for more rod and shelf space.

LAB RESULTS: We found these modules very easy to assemble with a just a screwdriver and they're impressively sturdy and high quality. They come in two colors and 11 widths. Consider using them in a laundry room for storage and to hang items that need line drying.

Winning for the second year in a row, Brother’s rechargeable P-Touch Cube once again proved to be a compact, easy-to-use tool for making labels on the go. It also creates QR codes, fabric iron-ons, logos, and more.

LAB RESULTS: The labels we made with the P-Touch Cube were clear and sharp. And it really got our creative juices flowing with all the fonts, emojis, designs, tape sizes, and colors available.

Pants pile up quickly and hog rod space when you hang them side by side. Moralve’s hanger lets them cascade vertically to hold more in less space and offer easy access.

LAB RESULTS: Made of polished wood, each sturdy hanger holds five pairs. A swivel hook on each end means you can hang it horizontally too. In our tests, the nonslip grips on the rails kept pants from falling off but didn't make them difficult to remove. It can hold leggings, scarves, and more and comes in sets of two.

If you think a bin is a bin, think again. This Welli Bin From KonMari is made from sugarcane that’s been turned into a lightweight, washable foam box that works indoors or out. Its uses are endless!

LAB RESULTS: We were so taken with this adorable bin, we corralled some of our awards submissions in it during testing. The large handle slots make lifting it easy, and it's the perfect size for gardening gear, kids’ toys, and more. Our consumer testers loved it, too, and one even enlisted it to contain supplies in her laundry room.

An important way to keep documents, recipes, photos, and other important papers safe and organized and cut down on clutter is to scan them. Brother's Desktop Scanner is ideal for home offices and small businesses. It works both wired and wirelessly to scan to the cloud or a mobile device or USB, has a color touchscreen and includes a robust software package not usually available on scanners of this size or price.

LAB RESULTS: We liked the compact footprint of this scanner along with its intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen, and helpful features, like high-speed and double-sided scanning. It makes reducing household paper clutter quick and easy.

Most cutlery and gadget caddies offer some flexibility, but this one from Prepara is super-customizable. The sides expand, and the center dividers adjust to nine positions.

LAB RESULTS: With 14 sections, the Prepara held a lot and was easy to reconfigure. Cutlery rests at an angle, so grabbing one fork is a cinch. One tester dedicated it all to utensils and exclaimed, "It's great!"

Carolyn Forté brings more than 40 years of experience as a consumer products expert to her role as executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute's Home Care and Cleaning Lab. Using deep analytical testing and writing expertise in appliances, cleaning, textiles and organizational products, she produces cleaning and home care advice for GH, has authored numerous books and bookazines for the brand and partners with the American Cleaning Institute to co-produce the Discover Cleaning Summits. She holds a bachelor's degree in family and consumer sciences from Queens College, City University of New York.

Jodhaira (she/her) is a product reviews analyst at the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Home Care & Cleaning Lab, where she tests and writes about home appliances, cleaning products and cleaning tips. Prior to joining GH in 2021, she graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in forensic science and spent two years as an analyst in an environmental lab in Queens.

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