Our top picks of the best food and drink launches to celebrate Wimbledon
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Our top picks of the best food and drink launches to celebrate Wimbledon

Jul 01, 2023

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Cupcakes, donuts and realistic edible tennis balls!

Wimbledon has officially begun and we're celebrating this fast-paced and exciting tournament with plenty of jugs of Pimm's in the park and eating our way through all the strawberries and cream, to really make the most of the wonderful British strawberry season while it's here.

It's a great sport to watch with friends and family - whether that's at home, down at the pub, or at the park with a big spread of Wimbledon-themed picnic food. One of our favourite ways to celebrate an occasion is with some fun themed food and drink products to accompany and this year we've found some favourites we had to share.

Here, we've compiled our favourite Wimbledon-themed food and drink launches to help you celebrate, or to take to a party as a gift. From tennis-ball cupcakes, pre-made Pimm's, and the ultimate sandwich bag cooler for picnics, these are products we're buying now.

This ready-to-drink cocktail can is our must-have picnic essential. All the delicious flavours of a Pimm's cup with lemonade. You could add slices of cucumber, strawberries and mint and pour it all into a cup for easy entertaining, too.

It truly wouldn't be Wimbledon without some Pimm's and it's currently on offer for £12 when you use your Tesco Clubcard! Learn how to make the perfect jug of Pimm's with our fail-safe recipe.

Little Moons is one of our favourite sweet treats and they've got a strawberries and cream flavour that would be a great addition to any Wimbledon parties you're attending.

Pret have launched a brand new Pret Cooler range with the drinks all being served over ice and features four fabulously fruity options. There's Berry Bless and the new fan favourite Feelin’ Peachy, to the thirst-quenching Rhuberry Breeze and crisp Applejito. The hardest part is choosing which one to try first!

M&S' range of Red Diamond strawberries have been carefully grown and selected for being the best and sweetest variety. These summer stars are left to ripen for longer to ensure they are super sweet and juicy, with only the biggest and best strawberries selected for customers. Enjoy with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar of Modena.

If you're team sweet when it comes to popcorn, then you'll love this box of tangy strawberry and sweet, caramel popcorn. Our only complaint is wishing it came in a bigger size!

This adorable bottle of Champagne Lanson comes with a pink Wimbledon jacket. Served in a smaller 200ml format, it's perfect for two to enjoy at a picnic in the park.

If you prefer your strawberries made from chocolate, Choc on Choc's strawberry punnet will be perfect for you. They're entirely edible, and made using white chocolate for a creamy, sweet taste.

If you're looking for an alternative to a bottle of Pimm's, Cotswolds Distillery have made a seriously tasty version of a summer cup. This one combines Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry alongside a host of herbs and spices — making for a tasty and flavoursome drink. Serve with lemonade or ginger ale — with plenty of fresh cucumber, summer berries, and mint.

Add a splash of this to your next Pimm's jug to intensify the fresh flavour of mint and strawberries. Or if you're looking for a non-alc Pimm's alternative - this is the product to use!

This adorable insulated sandwich bag from Fortnum & Mason is perfect for picnics with friends, or to take with you to Wimbledon to keep your sandwiches fresh.

This eye-catching dessert features a realistic tennis ball design, filled with a strawberries and pink rhubarb confit, covered in a silky white chocolate ganache and flavoured with Mariage Frères’ signature London in Love® tea. It's finished with a green ‘court’ base, made of a Parisian shortbread.

It's available in store only from Mariage Frères, in their Covent Garden store. £12 to eat-in & £9.90 to take away.

We're big fans of Little's coffee (with it being voted as our best flavoured coffee in our taste test) and this new, limited-edition strawberry flavour is a true delight. We love making a dalgona with it and serving it cold over ice. Summery and very tasty!

If you happen to find yourself in London and near Donutelier by Roladin, we urge you to stop by and enjoy one of these incredible donuts. The dough is pillowy and light, and the fillings are sweet, and balanced. This Wimbledon special is filled with strawberry jam, Chantilly cream and fresh, sliced strawberries. Yum!

How great are these tennis ball cupcakes? Lola's has brought out a box that contains three chocolate tennis ball cupcakes covered with white vermicelli sprinkles, paired alongside three of its delicious strawberry cupcakes.

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