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Unveiling Tomorrow's Sustainable Products: Taiwan Excellence Pop

Jul 09, 2023

by Taiwan Excellence on August 15, 2023 at 3:45 pmAugust 15, 2023 at 3:45 pm

Taiwan Excellence hopes to change the way that you think about sustainability. That’s why they’re presenting “Sustaining Sustainability,” a pop-up event that showcases eco-conscious technology and design through a range of award-winning products. The immersive pop-up experience will be held from August 17th to the 20th at Pacific Place during the APEC convention.

At the heart of the pop-up event are innovative products designed to make a difference. A few of the offerings attendees will see include:

Acer: Aspire Vero Eco-Friendly Green PC: The latest Aspire Vero boasts a multitude of environmentally conscious elements, such as an OceanGlass™ touchpad crafted from ocean-bound plastic. Building upon its predecessors, this model continues the tradition of incorporating 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into its chassis, ensuring both robustness and sustainability – while producing a 21% reduction in carbon emissions during chassis production.

E Ink Holding’s E Ink Prism: E Ink Prism stands as a distinctive and dynamic design material, seamlessly integrating black and white with color-changing electronic ink technology. This innovative substance boasts ultra-low power consumption, aligning with eco-friendly principles, and it possesses the versatility to operate using battery power or renewable energy sources.

SUN OWN Industrial Co. LTD.: Floating Tube w/Shark Fin Board: An essential tool for long-distance swimming, the floating tube becomes indispensable. ATUNA takes it a step further with their unique creation, the “floating tube with shark fin styled board,” seamlessly blending innovative flair with practicality. Crafted from recycled EVA foam, the product boasts exceptional buoyancy, ensuring enhanced safety and confidence during swimming sessions.

Paper Shoot Technologies, Inc.: Paper Shoot Technologies, Inc. leads the environmental charge in the digital camera domain, presenting a standout feature: interchangeable card casings. This ethos is brilliantly embodied in a design collection emphasizing creativity and sustainability. The Paper Camera, tailored for eco-minded creators, elegantly showcases this mindset with its stone paper construction. The CROZ Simple Light Camera harmonizes simplicity and functionality, merging Taiwan’s “Paper Shoot” and Macao’s “Hyle Design” to birth the innovative CROZ model. The transparent CROZ Vanguard Camera merges aesthetics and practicality, revolutionizing photography’s allure and aspiring to elevate pop photography. A nod to heritage, the Jadeite Cabbage Digital Camera draws from the National Palace Museum’s “Jadeite Cabbage” collection, symbolizing purity and fertility in Qing Dynasty heritage. Lastly, the Thinkk & Shoot Digital Camera embodies design concepts, encapsulating innovation and potential within a sleek frame.

O’right Inc.: A diverse lineup of sustainable hair and oral care products that showcase their dedication to nature and well-being. Their Caffeine Shampoo revitalizes the scalp and strengthens hair roots using natural caffeine from coffee husks and plants, packaged in bottles with renewable plastic pumps made from recycled materials. The Caffeine Conditioner offers deep hair nourishment with caffeine extract, coffee oil, and wheat protein, while the Recoffee Hair Oil, derived from 100% natural coffee oil, restores hair vitality and shields against heat styling. The Recoffee Repair Hair Cream repairs and preserves color with coffee oil and botanicals. Finally, the Toothpaste N°Zero promotes oral health with plant-based ingredients, gently combating stains and plaque in environmentally conscious packaging.

SINGTEX Industrial Co., Ltd: A range of innovative outdoor and urban wear that seamlessly combines style and functionality. The TRANZEND Ultra Coat boasts an advanced heating system and sustainable materials like AIRMEM coffee oil membrane, S.LEISURE, and coffee ground insulation eco2sy, ensuring exceptional windproof, waterproof, and breathable performance. The motion-adaptive TRANZEND Ultra Shirt incorporates S.Café ICE-CAFÉ fabric from coffee grounds for thermal regulation, while the weatherproof TRANZEND Ultra Hoodie features a 3-layer fleece fabric. The SINGTEX TRANZEND Ultra Suit 3.0 collection merges traditional suits with modern features, offering waterproof, breathable, elastic, and anti-wrinkle fabric. The M-System, including the M-system Pack, HexHat, M-system Cardholder, and M-system Strap, enhances convenience with magnetic attachments and versatile wear options.

Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd.: Offers two notable products: the Rockbook Notebook with innovative designs for better functionality, and the Corrugated Stone Box, composed of over 90% recycled materials, featuring waterproof, freezer-grade, mildew-resistant, and reusable qualities. These white boxes are ideal for fresh food packaging, signage, or insulation in renovations.

Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd.: A versatile range of sustainable solutions. Their eco-friendly Plant Fiber Cutlery, derived from recycled coffee grounds and bagasse, provides compostable disposable tableware that supports resource conservation. Similarly, Plant Fiber Straws, made from sugarcane fiber, ensure tasteless and odorless enjoyment while meeting low-carbon and compostable standards with a BSI-certified 3.93-gram carbon emission. Awarded the American IDA Prize, Sugarcane Cups offer reusable excellence, emitting just 2.46 grams of carbon per use, while their durable Sugarcane Bags serve as liquid-resistant companions for eco-friendly shopping and waste disposal. Waterproof, oil-resistant Sugarcane Trays are ideal for serving various foods and are compostable alongside residue. Finally, Sugarcane Paper Cups and Lids, without plastic coating or chemicals, guarantee waterproof performance and safety even at high temperatures, effectively balancing eco-consciousness and convenience.

Uni-Paragon Enterprise Co., Ltd.: A remarkable creation from upcycled marine plastic waste transformed into fibers and marine plastic fiber yarn, providing both durability and the chance for sustainable marine textile production. This eco-conscious material not only fosters environmental conservation but also aids in restoring the ocean floor’s beauty. Furthering their commitment, Uni-Paragon Enterprise Co.LTD offers environmentally friendly bags crafted from rPET recycled sea waste, boasting ESG net zero emissions and pioneering the concept of the “low-carbon backpack.”

Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation: CircuWell Total Recyclable Packaging Solution: introduced in 2020 to address disposable container waste and environmental damage. The CircuWell Series includes paper cups, lids, food boxes, paper straws, and fiber dinner plates, employing multi-layer papermaking and patented emulsion-based coatings for waterproof, grease-resistant, and heat-sealable properties. After use, these items seamlessly join general paper recycling, ensuring a sustainable life cycle.

Taiwan Excellence believes this free event isn’t just about products. Rather, its goal is to get people to join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. They hope that attendees will embrace innovation, redefine excellence, and work together towards building a world that we are proud to leave behind. Be sure to mark your calendar, spread the word, and make sure you attend this extraordinary celebration of sustainable innovations.

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