You should try these festive, limited edition flavor
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You should try these festive, limited edition flavor

Jun 17, 2023

You and your buddies on the course are going to love the new peppermint flavor tee picks.


The Original Tee Pick is the first and only 100% bamboo toothpick shaped like a golf tee. These tee picks are infused with natural flavors. They provide freshness and comfort to keep you dialed into your golf game on and off the course. Trust us, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the flavor of The Original Tee Pick during your round, and your buddies will love them too.

Everyone loves these delicious golf-tee-shaped toothpicks. Opening up a pack of these on the course is like opening a pack of gum in middle school. Everyone will want to try one! You can chew these babies for hours. You can also tee your ball up with it when you’re done!

A new flavor just launched today! Now, The Original Tee Pick is available in the flavor peppermint! This sweet minty flavor finishes with an unexpected cooling tingle. These will surely add a festive sensation to your golf game this holiday season. They’re limited edition, so get them while the season lasts!

Peppermint is a delightful addition to the rest of The Number Thirty Three‘s flavor choices. If you’re interested in the Peppermint flavor, you may want to browse the Pro Shop for more of the flavor offerings. The other flavors include Wintergreen, Citrus, CBD Tropical Mint, and Cinnamint. Also, the Number Thirty Three offers The Original Tee Picks in variety packs!

They’re easy to share because they come in 3, 6 and 9-packs. Your buddies will thank you as soon as they taste these delicious flavor-infused tee picks.

Keep scrolling to purchase the new and festive Peppermint flavor, or tap here to purchase this flavor and the others in the Pro Shop.

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