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City of Goleta to ban single

Jun 17, 2023

The City of Goleta will be banning the sale and distribution of certain single-use plastic, polystyrene products, and Mylar balloons by June 2023, city officials announced Wednesday.

The city council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to pass one of the most comprehensive plastic pollution reduction policies, entitled Plastic Waste Reduction Regulations to Address Single-Use Plastics and Polystyrene.

Under the newly passed ordinance, businesses would not be allowed to provide single-use plastic straws, utensils, and stirrers. Instead, they should provide non-plastic (such as wood, metal, bamboo, and glass) disposable items upon request. Bioplastics, PLA plastics, and #7 plastics would not be allowed.

Polystyrene disposable products, including egg cartons, drinkware, foodware, trays, and foam peanuts, etc., would also be banned.

To prevent power outages, marine debris, and impacts on wildlife, the city bans the sale, distribution, and release of Mylar balloons.

The ordinance is part of Goleta's Plastic Free Goleta campaign which aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic to protect the environment and oceans.

“We have the opportunity to be environmental leaders and take action on addressing the plastic pollution problem,” Mayor Paula Perotte said. “Goleta residents value clean neighborhoods, beaches, and open space. These are key reasons why we live here. Getting rid of single-use plastics makes sense and is the right thing to do for our coastal community. By taking local action to stop plastic pollution at the source so it doesn’t reach our beaches and the ocean, our City leadership shows our commitment to keeping our beaches clean and healthy for our families and future generations.”

The city is giving businesses a grace period until June 1, 2023, to use up their existing supply of single-use plastic, polystyrene products, and mylar balloons.

Visit the city's website for more information about the ordinance.