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Party Snacks

May 26, 2023


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Picture Prompts

What are the best festive snacks or finger foods? Why?

By The Learning Network

What are the foods you love to find at a holiday party? Why?

Do you love dips and spreads? Chips and crackers? Party mixes of nuts, pretzels and cereal? Bite-size appetizers like deviled eggs or pigs in a blanket? Boards with meats, cheeses and olives? Festive cookies or desserts?

Tell us in the comments what think are the best snacks and why, then read the related article from the Cooking section, 54 Easy Party Snacks, to find some new ideas.

Students 13 and older in the United States and Britain, and 16 and older elsewhere, are invited to comment. All comments are moderated by the Learning Network staff, but please keep in mind that once your comment is accepted, it will be made public and may appear in print.

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